Ben Shaw: Covetrus can be as big a disruptor as IDEXX

Originally published by Animal Pharm on March 18, 2019.

As well as helping the veterinary practice fight off new competitors, the Covetrus business model is a significant boon for the animal health industry.

“We’ve created significant new category growth and expanded the available market. We’ve done it fully in partnership with veterinarians at a time when most of the category growth is happening outside of the profession with the growing competition.

“We really feel like we are the champion of the veterinary practitioner and we are one of the last remaining friends in this channel – still imagining veterinarians have an opportunity to not only retain their business but to take these opportunities head on. I’m not sure there’s another organization globally that is doing as much as Covetrus to empower veterinarians.”

Covetrus has partnerships with most of the major animal pharmaceuticals manufacturers and the leading animal nutrition businesses. Mr. Shaw said animal health firms working with Covetrus will see the benefits of improved pet owner compliance.Read the full article here:

Read the full article here: