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Our veterinary software and services are designed to streamline and grow your business. They help drive customers to your door, grow practice revenue, improve efficiency, and keep your staff productive and happy.

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Practice Performance Software Support

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  • Rapport
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  • VetStreet
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Practice Management Software

Our management solutions help you run an efficient, profitable practice by simplifying your business. They give you peace of mind knowing your practice is operating efficiently, your staff members are happy, and your business is profitable.

eVetPractice is a cloud-based system that allows you to access your veterinary practice management system whenever and wherever you need it. Enjoy the boundless benefits of the fast-growing cloud solution in the United States—at a great value.

More than 4,000 practices have chosen ImproMed for its enhanced reporting and real-time analytics, mobile applications, inventory optimization, multiple ways to go paperless, and much more – all in one configurable system. With ImproMed, you can streamline your operations and create a seamless workflow that fits the needs of your practice.

More than 10,000 practices have chosen AVImark for its value and ease of use. AVImark is affordable, quick to install, and easy to use, yet it is robust enough to grow with your practice. Plus, with AVImark’s enhanced search capabilities, you can send targeted, personalized marketing campaigns that keep your clients coming back, year after year.

Marketing & Communications

Our client communication tools help you increase staff efficiency, market your practice, and bring more pet owners through your door. They enhance the veterinarian-client-patient bond, improve pet owner loyalty, and drive practice revenues. Integrated veterinary marketing services leverage practice-level data and consumer insights to deliver highly personal, relevant, and timely communications.

The Rapport suite of client communication tools helps you increase staff efficiency, market and grow your practice, and develop lasting relationships with clients. Rapport has two-way integration with AVImark and ImproMed practice management software, so all the tools you need work together.

Vetstreet provides integrated veterinary marketing services that leverage practice-level data and consumer insights. These custom solutions enhance the veterinarian-client-patient bond, improve pet owner loyalty, and drive revenue to veterinary practices. Vetstreet uses multiple forms of communication to ensure your practice is everywhere it needs to be.

Integrated Practice Solutions

Veterinarians want to provide excellent patient care, but (they may not realize that) business health and patient care are intertwined. A successful practice generates more revenue, affording more specialized equipment, which in turn enables even better patient care. This generates repeat business, increased customer conversions, and strong growth.

Track over 40 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to monitor processes and activities and boost revenue and profits. Sparkline works with AVImark and ImproMed software and displays critical practice information in an easy-to-read dashboard to show you what’s working… and what’s not.

Save time and money with credit card processing services that are fully integrated with your AVImark or ImproMed software. They’re quick, convenient to use and eliminate missed charges and errors in transferring sale amounts from a separate terminal.

A fast and affordable way to prevent your business from losing data.  This automated service works in the background to store your data remotely and protect against its loss. Simply load the software, follow straightforward prompts, and select the files to be stored. Your data is compressed, encrypted, and transmitted to a secure vault off-site. Backups are monitored to ensure they are completed successfully.  Retrieving data is simple and fast, and available 24/7, 365 days a year.

An easy-to-use tool for viewing, transferring, and archiving images. Store any image from any device (x-rays, CT, MRI, ultrasound, endoscopy, digital camera) and any type of document (diagnostic findings, patient histories, faxes) in a DragonflyPACS digital file, immediately available with a single click.

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